Celebrating the benefits of clean water

Mike Mason CEO Weathermatic, with the Save Water | Give Life well drilling team

Weathermatic is all about saving our customers water through the most sustainable, high-tech solutions for their particular needs. While these savings can lower water bills and improve the appearance of a property, we also feel that being good stewards of our water resources is our social responsibility. Around the world, nearly one billion people do not have access to clean water, and they suffer greatly for this lack. The water crisis affects poverty, women, children, health, education, and so much more. Access to clean water brings new life and prosperity to communities. This is why our CEO, Mike Mason, has committed Weathermatic give a share of its proceeds to Living Water International to bring clean water and hygiene to those in need.


Though water charities abound, many of them struggle with failing projects as their new water sources fall into disrepair and sometimes leave communities worse off than they were before. Living Water International sees consistent growth and increasingly positive impact around the world because of their unique approach: providing the appropriate water system for the location, involving local community members in every step of the process from financing to ongoing maintenance, and teaching hygiene and sanitation so the water stays clean and the community stays healthy.


A few members of our team recently attended LWI’s annual gala to celebrate an exciting, successful year of bringing water and health to communities around the world. Throughout the evening it was evident how our work in the field of smart irrigation transcends into something much deeper as we contribute to LWI through our Save Water | Give Life campaign. In its first year, the campaign funded nine well projects which we anticipate will bring clean water to about 7000 people.   We anticipate helping many more in the year to come.  Beyond just sending money, we took a team of employees and customers to the well drilling site and worked side-by-side with the community to drill and to teach healthy hygiene practices. You can read more about our life changing experience in these blog posts (Our blog, ValleyCrestTakesOn blog) and watch the video of our trip, here.


During the gala, field staff from Haiti, Liberia, and Burkina Faso shared stories of restored hope and community transformation; living evidence of the impact this organization and its partners are making around the world. Weathermatic is honored to be among some of the world’s leading companies committed to helping the thirsty through Living Water International. Other companies that partner with LWI to help alleviate poverty, disease, and oppression through access to clean water include Chick Fil A, Maersk, SEFA, Crown Castle, Lloyds Register, and David Weekley Homes.


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Martha Golea

Martha Golea is the Marketing Communications Manager for Weathermatic. In addition to writing for Weathermatic, she is a contributor to Lawn & Landscape Magazine and the sustainability blog, ValleyCrestTakesOn.com. Martha came to Weathermatic from ValleyCrest Companies because of her passion for the Save Water | Give Life campaign. Learn more about Martha on Google + and on LinkedIn.

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