Why "Standard Mode?"

The Weathermatic Smartline series of controllers have two distinct modes. Standard and Auto Adjust. Here we will discuss the Standard mode functions and operation.Standard mode is just as it sounds, standard. Or you can think of it as basic, simple, or even dumb. (Since we are discussing smart controllers, I had to throw that one in). The standard mode operates just like every controller on the market. What you see is what you get. This mode is what I refer to as a "good soldier". It does exactly what you tell it to do, when you tell it to do it, and will continue to do so until you change it. Here in lies the problem, how often to we give the controller new orders? Standard mode does have some variability that other controllers do not. First, you can still program the Omit Time setting to avoid watering during hours not permitted. Second, the seasonal adjust is programmable by month. Yes, by moth. So you can preset the adjustments so that in January you are not watering like it is August. Third, you have the ability to set up cycle/soak settings so you only have to set 1 program start time. No more need to do a bunch of math to figure out when the program ends so you can add another start time. Standard mode is the simple side programming:

  1. Set the current time and date
  2. Set the time you want the program to begin (only need 1 start time per program)
  3. Set your run times for each zone (this is the duration you want the zone to operate for)
  4. Set you watering schedule (you have 3 options - DAYS, to select specific days; ODD/EVEN to select odd dates or even dates; INTERVAL, to select an interval like every 3 days)
  5. Set the seasonal adjust by month (this will automatically adjust your zone run times so make sure these are set for July/August duration)
  6. Set your OMIT TIME to abide by local time of day restrictions.

 DONE- your controller is set up to the basic, minimum needed to operate. You can do more in advanced features, etc, but that is another blog post. Standard mode still allows you all the benefits of the Smartline features, and the option to go full Auto Adjust (smart, ET, weather based) with the weather station. And add Smartlink and have all this fun from your PC, tablet, or smartphone. Truly revolutionary! Hands down, the Weathermatic Smartline controller is the most feature rich controller on the market.  

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Darren Harris manages technical services for Weathermatic and provides support for landscape contractors on Weathermatic products.  Darren is a degreed horticulturalist and licensed irrigator with more than a decade of experience in the industry. 

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