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Mike Mason CEO Weathermatic, with the Save Water | Give Life well drilling team

Weathermatic is all about saving our customers water through the most sustainable, high-tech solutions for their particular needs. While these savings can lower water bills and improve the appearance of a property, we also feel that being good stewards of our water resources is our social responsibility. Around the world, nearly one billion people do not have access to clean water, and they suffer greatly for this lack. The water crisis affects poverty, women, children, health, education, and so much more. Access to clean water brings new life and prosperity to communities.

Saving water is a way of life for me.  As a water management solution provider, every day I speak to professional landscape and property management companies responsible for billions of gallons of water about progressive methods of saving our most precious resource.  For what purpose?  The obvious – saving water saves money and creates a more sustainable environment for our health, safety, economy, landscape, and bottom line.

Here at Weathermatic, we know the importance of saving our customers water. However, we are immeasurably fortunate to have water for irrigation and drinking. Worldwide, nearly one billion people cannot access clean drinking water, and it keeps them sick, impoverished, uneducated, and oppressed.

Nationwide, commercial and residential properties commit up to 30-70% of their water use to landscape irrigation. Unfortunately, according to the EPA, 50% of this outdoor water use simply runs off the property and down the street due to overwatering.

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