Adjustable Arc Nozzles

Weathermatic’s Adjustable Arc nozzle series (AAN) offers easy grip-and-turn adjustment, wet or dry. Exceptional uniform coverage. Flows increase or decrease proportionately with radius adjustment to maintain matched precipitation rates (MPR) between arcs within a radius.

Lift the turret for nozzling so you can save time (and your pinky!)

Insert a coin in adjustment slot to easily set arc range from 0 – 360°

Fits LX Series Sprinklers, LXS, 72 and 73 Shrub Adapters

Color-coded for easy identification

Stainless steel radius adjustment screw

Screens and adjustment coin included with nozzles

Reusable, dual compartment resealable bags for organizing nozzles and strainers



Precipitation rate: 1.18 – 5.74" per hour (30 – 146 mm/h)

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