B Series Brass Nozzles

Milled brass design provides best available uniform precipitation for water, material and labor savings in a professional design. Arcs and angles for any landscape requirement. Reinforced border spraying combines with an extremely flat slope of distribution to eliminate the requirement for “head-to-head” coverage. B Series nozzles provide a minimum of .25" per hour precipitation at one foot from listed radius.

B Series nozzles fit LX sprayheads, LXS, 72 and 73 shrub adapters, as well as all industry standard male thread risers

Low minimum operating pressure of 20 psi (1,4 bar)

B3 nozzles are compatible with most micro-irrigation application rates

Design Notes:

  • Many designers derate recommended spacing for climate and wind. Listed radius is determined by ASAE industry standard measurement of .01" per hour.

  • Precipitation: 1.2" per hour (25 mm per hour) for full circle / 20 psi (1,4 bar) at maximum triangular spacing

  • B Series is identical to former 5500 Series. This is a name change for easier identification. Example: B15H = 5515-18



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B Series Brass Nozzles - 30° and Low Angle 15° Trajectory/Matched Precipitation
Description 3-5 Feet 10 Feet 12 Feet 15 Feet 18 Feet 20 Feet 24 Feet High Res JPG
360°     B12-F B15-F B18-F B20-F B24-F
180° B3-H B10-H B12-H B15-H B18-H B20-H B24-H
90° B3-Q B10-Q B12-Q B15-Q B18-Q B20-Q B24-Q
120° B3-T B10-T B12-T B15-T B18-T B20-T B24-T
240°   B10-TT B12-TT B15-TT B18-TT B20-TT B24-TT
270°   B10-TQ B12-TQ B15-TQ B18-TQ B20-TQ B24-QT
105°       B15-105 B18-105 B20-105
135° B3-135 B10-135 B12-135 B15-135 B18-135 B20-135 B24-135
165°       B15-165 B18-165 B20-165
195°     B12-195 B15-195 B18-195 B20-195 B24-195
225°   B10-225 B12-225 B15-225 B18-225 B20-225 B24-225

Low Angle Nozzles:  The B3 and B10 nozzles are available only in low angle. Models B12 through B20 in H, Q and 195° are available either in standard or low angle. The B24 is in standard angle only. For low angle selection, add an –LA suffix to the part number. For low angle models B12 through B20, derate maximum spacing by 15%.

B Series Strip Nozzles
Part# Description High Res JPG
B10-CST 4 X 16 - 4 X 20
B10-EST 4 X 8 - 4 X 10
B10-SST 4 X 16 - 4 X 20
B15-CST 4 X 22 - 4 X 26  
Brass Nozzle Adapters
Part# Description High Res JPG
72. 1/2" Copper
73. 1/2" IPS


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