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SmartWire™ is the industry’s first control system to truly be a Smart controller and a 2-wire controller. SmartWire delivers all the water savings advantages of weather based watering in combination with the cost savings for a 2-wire system. SmartWire is the industry’s first economical 2-wire system at less than half the price of competing products, and is cost effective for commercial jobs sized 18 zones or larger. SmartWire provides a reduction in material (copper wire) and labor costs; simplicity of wiring, programming and troubleshooting; and ease of system expansion when adding zones.


A SmartWire SLDEC valve decoder is wired to each valve. Each decoder has a programmable address (typically the zone number), which identifies it to the SmartWire SLM48DM 2-wire decoder module installed in a SmartLine® SL1600 controller. The SLM48DM 2-wire decoder module broadcasts a command to activate a certain address or zone. All decoders on a 2-wire path “decode” the message, but only the appropriate decoder responds and turns the attached valve on or off. The decoder reports back to the decoder module with a status message of positive operation or an error code.

  • Converts the SmartLine® SL1600 Controller to a 2-wire system for a maximum of 48 zones plus master valve

  •  Hot-swappable installation

  • Connections for up to 3 different 2-wire paths for maximum installation flexibility

  •  Programs and operates SmartWire™ SLDEC Series decoders

  • LED display and status lights for programming, operation status, and troubleshooting with error codes


  • Decodes signals from SLM48DM to open and close valves

  • Input voltage 24 – 28VAC from 2-wire path

  • Shock resistant

  • Surge protection

  • Fully programmable for valve addresses using SLM48DM

  • Freeze/heat resistant (-20° to 60°C)

  • 14 gauge PVC-coated connecting wires

  • Sealed electrical components for protection from water and dirt

  • Operates valves to a maximum of 100' (30m) from decoder

  • Diagnoses and reports failed solenoids to the SLM48DM

  • Auto shutdown if communication with SLM48DM is lost


Provides maximum lightning protection for 2-wire paths. Recommended for use on all SmartWire™ systems


  • 2-conductor, jacketed, UL/UF approved for direct burial

  • Sunlight resistant


Ideal for convenient and fast troubleshooting on 2-wire paths




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