SmartLine Solar


The SmartLine Solar irrigation control system features the industry’s first hybrid solar to AC power supply, allowing the SmartLine weather based irrigation control system to operate in locations with no power. SmartLine Solar uses proven SmartLine controllers and industry standard 24VAC valves for greatly enhanced operational life, reduced equipment cost, and improved performance and reliability. For the first time ever, water conserving ET technology is available and affordable for every type of application without power: street medians, new construction sites, golf courses, nurseries, farms and other remote sites. By combining water savings and power savings with available SmartWire 2-Wire technology, SmartLine Solar equals: Less Water. Less Wire. Less Power. Less Money. Because in the new world of irrigation: “Less is More!”


The equipment cost for SmartLine Solar is substantially lower in many cases than the cost of dropping a new power feed, which can run over $15,000 on a landscape median and create major project delays. Plus, SmartLine Solar has no recurring fees, as required with a power meter, and off-site ET systems so it saves up to $100 per month. By combining initial installation savings with no recurring fees and no delays, SmartLine Solar delivers an excellent return on investment and on-time job completion.


  • Converts SmartLine to a totally “portable” water management system by using proven solar technology

  • SmartLine is a SWAT tested ET system: Smart Irrigation, Smart Power

  • Green power source using 100% renewable energy

  • Easy installation for both Conventional and 2-Wire systems

  • SmartLine Solar uses industry standard 24VAC valves, which outperform debris-prone latching solenoids required with battery operated systems

  • Patented: System Diagnostics included Volt meter, Amp meter and Valve Locator

  • LCD display indicates battery and solar power condition

  • Dual deep cycle batteries provide up to 7 days of operation with no solar charge

  • State of the art Solar Charge Technology (SCT) prolongs battery life and protects batteries from over charge and assures a full charge

  • Using standard AC power components makes for easy conversion from solar to grid power and allows early stage construction of landscape in new construction projects




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