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Michael Gonzales, owner of Texas Rainman, started his Dallas-Fort Worth-area irrigation services business with a simple goal, “I wanted to be outside.” Seven years later, he’s gotten so much more than that: a thriving local business, focused on quality, with happy customers in every market from small commercial to high-end residential.


Such a varied customer base means Texas Rainman offers an extensive menu of services to satisfy all of his clients. But one thing every customer has in common is dealing with Texas water restrictions. While restrictions certainly save water, they rarely do plant material any favors. Often, an irrigation contractor is held responsible for the water bills and landscape appearance as much as a landscape contractor, so Gonzales can’t risk restrictions damaging the landscape at the properties he serves.


Gonzales is enthusiastic about SmartLine controllers with SmartLink weather stations because they keep everything looking healthy while complying with restrictions, and some cities allow smart controller users to disregard city-required water restrictions. With only one other employee and plenty of work to do, Gonzales values the simplicity of Weathermatic products. After personal training from Weathermatic CEO, Mike Mason, and Technical Services Manager, Darren Harris, he says “installing Weathermatic products is easy and fun,” and they are “easier to operate, with so many functions I like.” He recommends a SmartLine controller and weather station to his customers because they know they’re watering better than with a regular controller. Also, “it’s a lot easier for the end-user to modify things,” which helps him out on the maintenance side of his business because they can make adjustments without a Texas Rainman employee “having to go back and forth every month to change things”.


Since he’s been working with Weathermatic products, Gonzales has seen an increase in savings for his customers. He recently installed a whole new system on one customer’s property, upgrading to drip irrigation for more precise water application and adding a Weathermatic SmartLine controller with SmartLink wireless network and SmartLink flow meter. The customer cut his water usage in half within a year and his yard is green, with no runoff.

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March 2013
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"Installing Weathermatic products is easy and fun...[they are] easier to operate, with so many functions I like. It is a lot easier for the end user to actually modify things without me having to go back and forth every month to change things, which helps me out on the maintenance side."

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