High Cost of Overwatering

Majority of water use is landscape

That's right.  In some parts of the country, as much as 70% of a commercial property’s water is used for irrigating landscapes.   A property owner with a 16-zone 1-acre property will spend an average of $6,000 on irrigation water per year.


The average property will over-water by 38%

Using conventional processes and systems, the average property is overwatered by 38%. So, of that $6000 water bill, you might be spending $2300 on water that your landscape does not need. This over-watering also leads to damaged plants and deteriorating pavement. Meanwhile, water rates are increasing at 10-25% annually, making over-watering increasingly costly.

What's the problem?

Outdated Control Technology

Most commercial irrigation controllers are outdated and non-compliant with modern regulatory requirements. Most irrigate according to a schedule, without taking into account weather, plant type, soil or local conditions. They also typically are not accessible remotely which makes them extremely inefficient.

Limited Knowledge

Most property managers and landscape contractors have limited knowledge of plant and water requirements. Each plant type requires a different amount of water. Different types of soils can absorb a certain amount of water in a given period of time, and different types of sprinklers apply water at different rates. All of these conditions must be considered to optimize irrigation efficiency.

Poor Practices

Finally, much of the overwatering is a result of poor system maintenance and deferred repairs. The water cost of delaying a sprinkler or line repair is far higher than the actual repair. Contractors however, often do not have visibility to the water cost nor do they have responsibility for the water bills. All these factors can lead to overwatering and excessively high water bills.

Soil Type Typical Run-time Max Run-time Needed
Clay 15 min 5 min
Loam 15 min 8 min
Sand 15 min 10 min
Sprinkler Type Output Rate
Spray 1. Inches Per Hour
Drip 1.0 Inches Per Hour
Rotor .5 Inches Per Hour
Problem Monthly Cost Estimated Repair
Broken Sprinkler Head $100 $25
Broken Lateral Line Up To $1000 $100
Broken Valve 1Up To $300 $100
Broken Main Valve Up To 10,000 $500


Every place is not the same

Different regions of the country have different rates at which plant moisture evaporates. This is called "evapotranspiration" or "ET." Each region has different replacement requirements based on the amount of natural rainfall. There is a predictable amount of replacement moisture that must be applied when natural rainfall in a particular region is deficient. This is the science of ET.

Most irrigation practices disregard ET

Standard technology and practices place the same volume of water on the landscape regardless of the rate of ET and regardless of seasonal conditions. This fosters significant overwatering.

Our Process

Weathermatic Irrigation Sustainability Services provides a comprehensive process for achieving significant irrigation water savings. Our market leadership in Smart irrigation control and more than 65 years experience in irrigation water management have helped us develop a process that is leading our customers to experience dramatic water savings and pristine landscapes.   

  • Research

    Gather property information and evaluate water usage, payback period and return on investment (ROI).

  • Design

    Design solution for each property and submit proposed solution with clear, measurable benefits.

  • Implement

    Install and train PM and LMC to maximize water savings. Begin monitoring water performance.

  • Monitor

    Monthly water savings reports and site visits to help ensure ROI. Deliver and extend.

Experience the benefits of Irrigation Sustainability Services

  • Dramatic Water Savings

    Develop more lush, beautiful landscapes while using substantially less water.

  • Conserve Natural Resources

    Conserve natural resources in a quick-payback manner, often in less than one year.

  • Continuous Feedback

    Water savings reports help you regularly see the benefits of your program.

  • Reduce Operating Expenses

    Reduce operating expenses thereby increasing building value by 10x, assuming a conservative cap rate of 10%

  • Web-Based Monitoring & Control

    Provide the ability to monitor and adjust irrigation schedules remotely for water restrictions, special events, or irrigation system leaks.

  • Ensure Compliance

    Expertise and technology to ensure compliance with water restrictions and avoid costly fines.

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